It's Emsculpt season!

Build muscle, burn fat with the Emsculpt Neo.  As we ease into cooler weather and baggier clothes, let's keep our bodies healthy and fit!

Buy one package, get one half off!

Hurry!  Offer valid through September 30th.

Various options available:

  • Purchase package for one body part, get package for second half off

  • Purchase package and use half off second package for monthly maintenance sessions

  • Purchase package and get half off Emsella package

or call 515-695-7195 TODAY!



NOW booking!

Six 30-minute sessions, once or twice a week.

Let the EmSella do your kegels!

skin laxity
laser hair removal
tattoo removal
plus more!


Meet our amazing team of nurses!

Owner Melissa Garton, BSN, RN

Medical Director Jenny Richardson, ARNP

Trisha Hardy, RN

Katie Lenhart, BSN, RN

Holly Murphy, RN, Aesthetician


IV Vitamin Therapy


Intramuscular Injections

Dysport®(or Botox®) Injections,

Fillers, Dermaplane Facials


Body Scultping with Emsculpt Neo

ZO® Skin Health

Health Coaching & Beachbody Products

Hands Touching

Health begins inside.  Learn how movement and fueling your body with good nutrition is vital for optimal health.  Begin your journey today.

"I can’t say enough great things about the staff and/or services! If you don’t feel well, or if you need an energy or immunity boost this is the place to go! They have something for everyone."  LL 2/16/22

"I love the services & staff at Studio IV!"  

RD 5/16/22

"I just love coming to see Melissa and the gang. I always have a pleasurable experience. I highly recommend their services. If you are a little under the weather or maybe had too much fun the night before, the IV's are always a game changer. Thank you!"     AW 4/26/22

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