3 Keys to Health SUCCESS

Have you been telling yourself for months (or even years) that you are going to get your a$$ back in gear & lose a few pounds? Maybe starting Monday? Then Monday rolls around & you avoid starting at all costs or maybe you squeeze in a quick workout but then eat a brownie & figure all is lost & you'll just start next Monday?

Health & fitness is a LIFE LONG process.

I have found the answer to NEVER drop out of the process & maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle for, well, LIFE!

~1st - COMMIT! This is always easier said than done. It's that umph you get when you say to yourself "I'm starting Monday!". But that is exactly why you should make the commitment and start IMMEDIATELY! Then, there is NO room to back down. Even if you eat that brownie an hour after you start, the key is to stay committed, even when you f*#$ it up! Eat that brownie, then forgive yourself & forget.

~2nd - keep it INTERESTING! We often quit things because we get BORED. So, you committed & got that gym membership. You learned how to use all the equipment but still just hop on the treadmill 'cuz it's easy to use. Then you decide to take one of their Zumba classes but can't find one that is at a convenient time for you. So you head toward that thigh press machine thingy 'cuz you really want that thigh gap but that big beefy dude who just sweated all over it and didn't wipe it down gives you a wink as he walks by. You immediately turn around and hop on that treadmill. Again. And now you've lost interest. You've hit a dead end. Not to mention, you've quit losing weight 'cuz you're just doing the same thing over and over and over again. So, change things up!

~3rd - INVEST. The best way to stick with something is to make an investment in it. If your friend buys you lunch and your fries are cold, you don't complain 'cuz you had no investment in it. But if you shell out some $ for your health, you are sure as hell gonna make sure you see a return on that investment!

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